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           BILAM is patent information firm providing IP services in Azerbaijan, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Baltic States and around the world.

BILAM started its intellectual property field in 1993, when intellectual property system of Azerbaijan, as independent country, was launched.

          BILAM is not the biggest company in figures, but our specialists have extensive experience in many areas of science and technology, have academic degrees and extensive practical experience of patent information work.

          Head of BILAM patent attorney Azerbaijan and Eurasia, the PhD in engineering and sciences Mrs. Mamedova Bilgeis A.

Our team is very flexible in work, always connected. Qualified employees are in high demand specifically in local markets, and every customer is valuable to us. This allows us to be partners and consultants for medium-sized enterprises, non-profit companies and large international corporations.

Our prices are very competitive. Although we offer very competitive costs, you are welcome to consult with us if your budget is limited to certain reasons. We are open to discuss strategies to meet both your and our expectations.


Team of BILAM professionalу advises clients and partners in the field of all kinds of services relating to all IP matters, including inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, copyrights, software, domain names, litigation, transfer of licensing etc for Azerbaijan and also works internationally, under the PCT treaty, EAPO and the Madrid system.

         We  have   a  excellent  reputation  for  our  professionalism  thanks  to  the   principles  of  Continuity, Quality  and  Strategy  which  forms   the    basis   of   our   success . Our  experience , motivation  and  energy  of  an  excellent  team , enable  us  to  offer  a  full  spectrum  of  advice  in  patent  and  trademark   at  the  highest  possible  level. Our    staff  have  degrees  in  science ,  and  they  are  competent  to  advise  on all  IP  matters . As  a  full-service  patentinform  firm   BILAM  offers  its  clients  the  technological  and scientific   know-how of  experienced  patent  attorneys in  combination  with the  knowledge  and   competence  of  highly  specialized  attorneys-at-law.  This   equates   to mean that the  best  possible  client  counseling  and  the  greatest  possible  protection  of  your  intellectual property   assets   during  all  phases  of  your  projects.


Thank you for your kind attention.  Shall you have any inquiry, please always feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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